The Ripple Effect is an iCan_Always initiative that aims to support 3rd world countries with the practical tools needed to bring sustainable change within their communities. As much as we can donate money and food - we also need to equip the upcoming generations to break this cycle of suffering and poverty. They need help with shifting their mindsets, upskilling their capabilities through (and not limited to) motivation, encouragement and mentorship needed to start projects and businesses.  



As we are stepping into a new decade it is important that we begin to create change nationwide. Doing an audit on what has always been done and challenging it to improve and also offer new alternatives. The current climate, and recent crisis, has raised some alarm bells and created huge concerns on the countries that have limited resources. The main question being, "how will they protect themselves and how will they recover?" 

it's time to build people up not just financially but with the skills needed to ensure that a Ripple Effect of change their environment is created on a global level.   


The Ripple Effect aims to bring a group of dedicated volunteers to begin this project. They will be committed to the first elected Country.

We aim to:

- Create a group of dedicated volunteers. 

- Research and have a challenge and build sessions. 

- Create a plan of action on the Launch date of the project.


- Grow the network and select the next country of focus.


The Ripple effect is an iCan Always initiative that aims to support Universities across Africa with Wellness tools for their students. The university experience is challenging wherever you go. Students need support and unfortunately, this is something that lacks in African Universities so we want to be able to support them the best way possible. 


Out next steps include: 

- Creating a campaign to build a team. 

- Get started on Phase One of the project

-Raise funding and sponsorship for the project.

We aim to have at least helped one country by the end of 2020. This will be through upskilling a group of 100+ people who will begin to create the ripple effect needed to change communities and societies through creativity, entrepreneurship and more. 


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