iCan Always

A Social Enterprise dedicated to improving the wellbeing of Young Adults. 

Through Motivation, Healing, Inspiration and Stories shared. We provide tools that help your people in their self-discovery and self-growth stage. Helping you answer the question of Who Am I? What is my purpose? What do I want for my future and how do I get there? 


Our methods are unorthodox as we do not offer counselling or CBT training. Instead, we use real-life case studies of people who have overcome certain challenges and found themselves on the other side of emotional, mental, relational and professional success


If they CAN DO IT - Then, so CAN YOU!



Hi, I'm Ruvimbo or Ru. I am the Founding Director of iCan_Always LTD. The birth of this platform was formed in my bedroom in 2016 as I was tired of making the wrong decisions. I got tired of my own pity party. I needed to transform every single element of my life so I went on this journey of self-discovery. That was immersed in my love and belief for God. 


Through this, I really took time to do the work through journaling, researching, listening to sermons, motivational speaking and many more things. It was not an easy journey/process. After all, the battle of the mind is a challenging one and I don't believe anyone should go on it on their own the way I did. So now that I am in a place of wholeness and whew, the journey is never-ending, but I believe I am now in a place to give back and support as many people as possible on their self-development journey, through holistic healing, faith foundations and motivational tools I believe I can help YOU get to the best YOU possible much quicker and with support and accountability. 


In my mid 20’s, I spent two years in marketing before I realised that, although I loved it and I was talented at it. There was a piece of the puzzle that was missing. That piece that this platform. Doing something that serves and helps others. Saving and speaking life into other people. 

If I CAN then so CAN YOU.

- Ruvimbo Makumbe -